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Visa Services FAQs

Does my client need a visa to go to another country?
It depends on the citizenship and country which the applicant is going to visit. See the following sections to get further information:

What type of visa is needed?

It depends on purposes and duration of your client’s trip and in some cases whether the visa is valid for more than one visit.

What documents do we need to obtain a visa?

Usually, for a visit visa, you need just their passport, passport pictures, a completed visa application (if you require for us to fill out the form for you, that can be arranged) and the fees.
Other types of visas generally require further documentary evidence.

What benefits will I get using services provided by Gio Legal?

We save your client, your organisation and you endless time waiting, and thus help you avoiding the cost of paying the wages for your employee, who can stay and work in the office instead.
Obtaining a visa to another country involves preparing the application, queuing outside the diplomatic post (or embassy) of the country for which a visa is required. This is followed by more waiting to submit the application and then waiting for a final decision. Sometimes two or more visits are required.
We are also extremely cost efficient, allowing you to save money and resources from your first instruction.

What services do you provide?

We essentially provide back office legal support services from providing permanent to temporary staff to executing specific assignments on your behalf. For a guide to our services, please click here to go to our service overview or download our leaflet.
or your staff and online tools for promoting you and your firm as well as conducting casework.

Is my attendance or that of my client at the embassy required

It depends on the country to which you are making the visa application and the type of visa which you need.

What are the costs of services provided by Gio Legal?

Our fees vary depending on the services required. For a complete list of fees, please download our online leaflet.

Do you guarantee that we will be granted a visa if we use your services?

Although Gio Legal do validate and check your applications at a basic level and also provide a more in depth checking service, we do not guarantee any outcomes.
Your applications conducted through us are your responsibility. Gio Legal, its group of companies or associates accepts no liability and assert no guarantee of an outcome of an application.

Can we get our money back if we are unable to obtain a visa?

At present, we do not guarantee any outcomes and therefore do not provide a money back guarantee.