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Language Translation
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Translation Services FAQs

Translation Services FAQs

What languages do you provide?

We provide translations in more than 120 languages, interpretation, sign language and proof reading to mention just a few. Please contact us or e-mail to learn more about our translation services and specify the opportunity to translate from/into your required language(s).

How long does it take to translate the documents?

We can have your documents translated with 24, 48 and 72 hours and in case of an emergency, within one working day.

Are your translators professionals in translating of different types of documents?

Our interpreters:

  • are qualified at advanced level
  • have internationally recognised qualifications in relevant languages
  • are regularly monitored

What are the costs of translation services provided by Gio Legal?

Our costs are based upon the languages you are translating and the time you need them translated within. Please fill out a service order request and we will be able to provide you with a cost.