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Rep's same-day UK Visas
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Reps same day UK Visas FAQs
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Rep's same-day UK Visas FAQs

What is the Same-day service?

If your firm has never used the same-day service, the fundamental difference is that rather than waiting more than three months for a decision for your client, is that you will get the decision within one day in 98% of the time.

What does Gio Legal do for me?

We take care of your application from start to finish. We organise each step from registering you and your firm at the PEO, obtaining an appointment, collecting and receiving your documents as well as attending the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and submitting your applications on your behalf. Upon completion, we can return the application to a destination of your choice.

Do you keep copies of visa application forms? If so, where I can download one?

Application forms are available here and in our archive pages.

Do Gio Legal attend the PEO on our behalf?