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Rep's same-day UK Visas
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How it's done

Apply now

Make an application quickly. Save time and money.

We register your firm at the PEO, we make an appointment, we submit the application, we return the documents to you.

Do it online, do it via phone, do it in person

Same-day service applications at the Home Office Public Enquiry Office (PEO)

Here at Gio Legal Services, we realise that time is an issue for both you and your clients. We attend the UK Border Agency Public Enquiries Office's at Croydon, Birmingham, Liverpool & Glasgow on your behalf to process your "Fast Track" applications at the UK Border Agency.

If your firm has never used the same-day service, the fundamental difference is that rather than waiting more than three months[1] for a decision for your client, you will get it in one day[2]. This premier service is far superior and provides peace of mind and a level of certainty for both you and your clients.

This service is suitable for lawyers, registered representatives and HR Professionals that act for their employees. Your firm must be registered with the UK Border Agency for Same Day Application Filing. If you want to carry out the registration process, please click here and we can carry out the process on your behalf.

The types of applications we can assist you in submitting are can be found here. We can also assist you with your urgent retrieval/withdrawal of Documents/passports that have been submitted via post.

What we do for you

We take care of your application from start to finish. We organise each step from collecting and receiving your documents as well as attending the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and submitting your applications on your behalf. Upon completion, we can return the application to a destination of your choice and thereby make the Home Office same-day premium process a thoroughly seamless service delivered through us.

The benefits to your company of using the same-day service with Gio Legal as your agent, include:

  • the speed of decisions.
    Why send a postal application when the same-day service can resolve your client's immigration matter on the same day?

  • the service level procured for your client.
    This is not just a courier service. We are a legal services company specialising in immigration who employ staff with a knowledge base that reflects this. We will never take your case lightly and will ensure that it does not get rejected at validation without good reason. See service details for more information.

  • the time you save.
    On average, submitting a case at the PEO will take you 8 hours for every day that you go. This includes travel, queuing and waiting time.

  • the money you save.
    Make a cost saving by outsourcing to Gio Legal and freeing up your time to generate further income.

Our service features, inter alia:

  • Continually keeping you updated of the progress of your applications and informing you of any relevant procedural changes that we encounter.
  • On collection of your applications:
    • we verify the passport details and visa documentation are correct
    • confirm the supporting documentation listed on each case's covering letter are present
    • check that the respective form has been signed by the relevant parties (facilities permitting). For an additional fee, we can validate your application prior to the submission of your application.
  • We update you regularly on the progress of your applications through our application tracking service and you receive regular email updates of the progress of your application.
  • Prior to leaving the PEO, we check the endorsed vignettes for the correct spelling of the name, the correct date of birth, sex, nationality and leave granted. Any errors are rectified prior to leaving the Home Office.
  • We ensure that the original supporting documentation is returned to you.
  • To assist our clients even further, we also offer additional services which include:
    • The pick up and delivery out of normal office hours enabling you to lodge last minute and urgent applications.
  • Hand collection and delivery of your applications to you or your client’s residential homes or office.

[1] According to the Home Office guidelines the estimated time to receive a decision is thirteen weeks. From experience we find that it is usually longer.

[2] 98% of the time according to Home Office Statistics.