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Passport Services
Passport Submission services

Which service is right for you?

Guaranteed one-week fast-track service Guaranteed same-day Premium Service
First adult passport Not available Not available
Replacement of a lost or stolen passport Not available
First child passport Not available
Renewal or Amendment of an existing adult PP
Renewal or Amendment of an existing child PP
Extension of a child's passport to full validity Not available
Extension of a restricted validity passport Not available
Jumbo passport (48 page) (Not available to children)
  • Damaged passports may not be available on the premium service. Damage can include any passport that is not in perfect condition e.g. wear and tear. Gio Legal Services cannot be held responsible for any passports that get rejected on this basis.

  • Old passports are NOT automatically returned. If you want your old, cancelled passport back, please enclose a note. We cannot guarantee the return of old passports.

More information can be found on the Home Offices| Identity and Passport Service website

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