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Apple accuses Qualcomm of dominant position the chip market

International legal battle. Apple vs. Qualcomm. Apple accuses the company providing chips for iphone 7, abuse of dominant position

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 Apple accuses Qualcomm of monopolizing the chip market and not wanting to reimburse one billion dollars as a measure of retaliation for its collaboration with South Korean authorities. Seoul has imposed a $ 854 million fine on Qualcomm for modalities with Which licenses its technologies. American authorities have also launched an action against the company for the same reason. Apple filed in the lawsuit asks a billion dollars to Qualcomm that, in his view, is leveraging its dominant position to impose higher prices and unreasonable on its patents.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, had justified his choice of cause by explaining that Qualcomm was persuaded to "demand royalties payment on technologies that have nothing to do with the components used on the iPhone."
The battle with Apple costs dear to Qualcomm: Quarterly profits down 40 percent. Cupertino no longer receive payment for licenses and the company reacts by widening the legal dispute and asking for iPhone blocking in Germany
For the first time in years, Qualcomm's last trimester did not include royalties related to the sale of Apple devices. And it was seen: profits dropped by 40% annually to $ 865 million; In the three months to 25 June, revenues fell 11% to 5.37 billion. In the licensing division, sales fell 42% to 1.17 billion.
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Roberto Conigliaro Roberto Conigliaro 2017-07-21
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