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How To

Why should I write an article?

The more relevant articles you have written

  • the more clients will know that you are experienced in that area
  • the more clients will know in which area of law you work
  • the more relevance you get
and finally the more clients you get.

How can I publish an article?

  1. Please register on our website first.
  2. Once you are logged in:
    Go to: Lexnet / MyArticles / Create Articles
  3. Fill in the necessary fields
    1. Title: The title of your article
    2. Headline: This should be a short summary of your article
    3. Full story: The article itself
    4. Visibility:
      1. Public: everyone can read your article
      2. Only for members: only members of *LexNet™ can read your article
    5. Categories: Choose one or more categories, which fit your article best.
  4. Click on the button submit, and your article is published
  5. If you want to edit or delete your article, it will be always possible. The required links are on top of your article.

How can I get most out of my article?

  • Choose an accurate title, the title should apply to the content of the article and not to your company
  • Write articles, which are as long as they need to be, but as short as possible. So that more visitors will read your article from the beginning to the end.
  • Discuss only one subject in one article. Otherwise the visitor will not read the whole article.
  • Promote your article on different networks or on your website. Use for this purpose the share button on the left side under the menu.
  • Show to our visitors that you have a lot of knowledge. Do not just write marketing articles about your company. So you get more relevant comments and interest.