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Careers with us at Gio Legal Services

We challenge and encourage you to achieve your aims. Throughout your career with us, we support and continually assist you in your development. Our aim is to provide a structured and flexible environment for you pursue your desire to be the best.

Our clients require us to provide a service that is unrivalled and is an extension to their highest quality products and services. We therefore continue to request the best from you and we continue to select and train the best. You will have access to a wealth of opportunities either as a valued member of staff or as a treasured freelancer.

Join us in one of our functions by selecting the field you are interested in and apply by filling out our application form and submitting a curriculum vitae.


note: Please do not send us your CVs by e-mail. They can only be registered on our system if they are uploaded through the website. If you have any difficulties please contact the webteam.

Business Services IT Legal Financial Volunteer/Work experience
Administration Marketing Sales Executive

Business Services

Business Administration Opportunities

From administration to management to customer support, our administration functions consist of the performance or management of business operations and thus the making or implementing of major and minor decisions. If you feel that you are great at organising people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities toward common goals and objectives, we look to hear from you.