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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is registration free?

Yes. TOTALLY FREE. Other services on the site are available for a fee, but membership to this site is 100% FREE. Your account will be listed under *LexNet.

How do I register to use this web site?

Next to the 'Login' boxes at the top of each page, you will find the ' Register' and ' Forgot Password' hyperlinks. You are required to fill in your first and surname, email, password (and re-confirm), password reminder and the answer fields.

You will need the password reminder and an answer in case you forget your password. The reminder and password are both wholly up to you. None of our staff will ever ask you for your password.

How do I apply for any of the vacancies or employment opportunities?

Once you are a registered member, go to the ‘Contacts' page and click the ' Recruitment' subsection. On the recruitment page, select a function and then ‘Apply'. You will then be presented with an application form and given the opportunity to upload your CV. Once you have uploaded both your CV and application form, a member of staff will get in contact with you.

I cannot download a form. What should I do?

To download the forms you need Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word viewer. These applications can be downloaded for free from the internet.

If the problem persists, please contact us and we will send the required form by post, email attachment, fax, or bring them to you when we come to collect your documents.

I get the message "You are not allowed to see this web page." when I try to see a page on the site. Why not?

You need to be a registered user of this site and logged in to see certain pages of this web site. If you log in, but remain inactive for a period of 15 minutes, you will get logged out again. This is a necessary security feature that protects your information.

Also a number of pages are restricted to the user that generated that page. Again, you would need that member's permission to see that page.