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Service Benefits

Some of the Benefits

Regularly Updated: We provide you with up to date online tracking and progress updates.

Control: We also provide you with dedicated secure online access to progress updates for you to provide to your clients through the *LexNet™ system.

Easy Management: We also have an online case management system, from where you can manage your work through the *LexNet™ online portal system.

Time keeping: We assist you in meeting your deadlines by ensuring that we are always on time with completing your tasks.

Expertise: We have numerous years practicing the various areas of our service provision.

Personnel shortages: We can provide you with cover at short notice and allow you to continue fee earning.

Objective viewpoint: We provide you with any opinion that you may want from us on procedure or otherwise of any work we are instructed upon.

Capitalise on credibility: We provide an independent outsourced service that can be integrated into your operations.

Avoiding going through cannels: You can outsource the various interactions with numerous agencies to us to act upon your behalf and on your instructions. This has the added advantage of saving you even more time.


Work usually included in our services to firms:

- Researching

- Advising

- Planning

- Evaluating