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Rep's same-day UK Visas
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Document collection or return

Sending by post

Documents must be sent by recorded delivery and you must ensure they arrive at our office by 7:00am on the day of the application.

Return by post

Documents will be posted the day after the day of the application and will be sent by recorded delivery. The charge for this is 7.10 per application.

Using our courier to have your application picked up or returned

Because you are already using one of our services, your charges for document collection or return are discounted over our normal Gio Legal Courier fees. The fees which you are charged are based on your geographical location in London (click to see map). If you are based outside London, then we will have to delegate one of our authorised external couriers and an appropriate fee will be charged. However, you are free to assign your own courier.
The prices for our courier services are as followed:

Document Collection Document Return
Same-day Non same-day (Next day)
Zone A £9.40 £5.88 £5.88
Zone B £11.75 £9.40 £9.40
Zone C £17.63 £14.10 £14.10
Zone D £29.38 £17.63 £17.63
Zone E N/A £21.74 £21.74
Zone F N/A £29.38 £29.38
Nationwide N/A Call for quote Call for quote
All prices exclusive of TAX

Delivering to/collecting from our office

Our offices are open 9.00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday. You are welcome to drop off or collect the application at anytime during these hours. If you intend to do so, please contact the office beforehand and let us know.