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Additional Knowledge
General Visa Requirements
Photograph Guidance
Identity Card
UK Passport Guidelines
The Tier immigration system

UK Passport Guidelines

When making an application for a new UK Passport, please note the following:

The Application Form

  • The application form must be filled in using only black ink and CAPITAL LETTERS
  • The application form must be signed WITHIN the box. You will be surprised by the amount of rejected applications due to a small mark outside any of the boxes
  • The counter signatory MUST be different to the applicant's handwriting

The Photographs

  • Photographs must be RECENT and IDENTICAL and comply with Passport Office regulations. The most common rejections include any obstruction of the face, the applicant smiling to a degree that it distorts the face, the composition of the photo is not within the guidelines, there's glare from glasses, the rim from the glasses obstructing the eyes and hair obstructing the face
  • The passport office WILL NOT accept the same photos as in the old passport

Passport Services

  • Gio Legal Services provide a quick turnaround of our services. Passports, visas and other applications can be picked up and returned to either you or any other UK destination of your choosing that may benefit you or your clients
  • A FAST TRACK service is 5 days from appointment and a PREMIUM service is issued on the day of the appointment
  • A Premium service is NOT available for damaged passports as security checks have to be done
  • 'DAMAGED' could be any passport that is not in pristine condition. The most common example of a damaged passport is where the laminate on the corners of the passport is slightly coming away from the page. Another example is where a passport has got wet. Many passports have some form of wear and tear considered as 'damage' by the passport office
  • Applications CANNOT be processed quicker once the Passport Office has the application
  • Old passports are NOT automatically returned. If you want your old, cancelled passport back, please enclose a note. We cannot guarantee the return of old passports
  • For LOST, STOLEN and DAMAGED passports, the application form and the photographs must be countersigned (question 10 on the form). An additional form must be filled in. It will take one week to process these applications as a PREMIUM service is NOT available
  • Second passports are ONLY available for Applicants that can provide a letter from their employer stating at least five destinations they are required to travel to which require visas