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Commissioner of Oaths
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...the services of a Commissioaner of Oaths, e.g. to legalise a document.

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Commissioner Services

In support of several of the services we offer at Gio Legal, including our visa, replacement document and legalisation services, we also provide you with the swearing of selected Oaths by our Commissioners. Through this, we will help you with optimising your work process, e.g. in the course of a legalisation procedure. Our commissioner services include:
  • conduct of oaths
  • attestation of affidavits (a sworn statement of fact)
  • authentication of documents
  • verification of a person's identity
  • certification of beforehand verified information, e.g. the status of a company or that a copy of a document is true
For more details on our commissioner services and their cost, please see the FAQs or contact us. For the Terms & Conditions concerning our Commissioner Services, click here.