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Commissioner Services FAQs

Is it necessary to make an appointment?

We recommend you to do so, since the Commissioner of Oaths is probably not in the office at all times.

In which cases do I need a Commissioner for Oaths?

If you give evidence on affidavit in court, or have a document that needs legalisation in order to be used in court, a Commissioner for Oaths verifies the authenticity of such a statement or document.

Does the Commissioner of Oaths need to see the document before the appointment?

It is generally not required to see into the documents beforehand, but we would warmly advise you to make it possible, in order for the Commissioner of Oaths to determine what is required for the legalisation. We are then also able to give you a more precise quotation of the fees.

If my document is in foreign language, is it necessary to translate it into English?

We have to make sure that you and us fully understand the document's content, which probaly requires us to translate it first. For an overview of our translation services, please see this page.

Authentication, attestation, verifaction, certifiction... where is the difference between all these?

Authentication is the overall process of attesting the execution of a statement or document. To be able to do that, a Commissioner for Oaths has to verify the identity and capacity of the person signing a document or taking an oath. Certification means that we also check if the information given in the document is correct, respectively if the copy of a document is true when it comes to the process of legalisation.

Is there anything I have to mind when consulting a Commissioner for Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths may not act in such cases in which he is solicitor to any of the parties to the proceeding, or clerk to any such solicitor, or in which he is interested. You will furthermore need to bring your passport and an evidence of your home address.

What are the costs for the services provided by a Commissioner for Oaths?

The rate of a fee always depends on the amount of work to be done. However, for taking of a single oath we normally charge £29.50. For any subsequent oaths we charge £12. For a complete overview of our rates, click here. To prepare a quote especially for your case, please contact us. This is particularly required if the Commissioner for Oaths has to come to your office.

How do I know if a commissioner or notarisation is required?

Most documents show on their face with whom they need to be signed in the presence of. It is normally the person who will use the document abroad, for example the person you appointed as your attorney or the other part to the contract. If you are still unsure afterwards, please contact us and we will make further enquiries about what is required.

What about documents from North America?

Most documents from North America do not need to notarised. You should always check with the person who sent you the document to find out if they will accept a Commissioner for Oaths as a witness.

Is it required to notarise my degree certificate?

It depends on the country where it is from or where it will be used. In many cases it is sufficient to simply legalise it without seeing a notary. In any way, the certificate has to be checked with the issuing authority, which probably also asks you to give them your consent to our enquiry.


For the Terms & Conditions concerning our Commissioner Services, click here.