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Commissioner Services Fees

The fees for our Commissioner Services are charged on a time basis at the rate of £170.50 per hour with a minimum fee of £29.50. The following table provides you with an overview of the fees for our most common services. Please note: Depending on the effort concerning your application, the prices can change in both directions.

Witnessing signatures
First document & signature £29.50  
Subsequent documents & signatures presented at the same time £12.00
Legalisation / Apostille Certificate
First document £70.50
Further documents presented at the same time £15.00
Foreign & Commonwealth Office fee per document
Standard service £27.00
Premium service £67.00
Company Certificate
Verified Certificate of Good Standing £90.00
Companies House Registry Fee £50.00 £140.00
Company Report £90.00
Companies House Registry Fee £10.00 £100.00
Verified Copy Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles & Company Report £180.00
Companies House Registry Fee £10.00 £190.00
Consulate Legalisation
First document £70.50
Further documents presented at the same time £15.00
Courier Fees
as advertised here
Certified Copy Documents
First copy sheet £29.50
Subsequents copies presented at the same time £5
Full UK passport £50.00
Verified Degree Certificates
First certificate £80.00
Subsequent certificates from same body £25.00


For the Terms & Conditions concerning our Commissioner Services, click here.