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Our services

Rep's same-day UK Visas Getting a UK visa can be carried out through Gio Legal Service. We take care of your application from start to finish. We organise the registration of your firm at the PEO, obtaining an appointment, collecting and receiving your documents as well as attending the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to submit your applications on your behalf and thereby satisfying your client’s needs efficiently and cost effectively.

Passport submission service We provide services for renewal/replacement of your passport at a UK IPS Passport Office on either the same day or during the same week, depending on the level of service you require and the urgency of your situation.

Legal Document Courier Our legal Service Couriers provide delivery of documents to or from your offices/home/client to anywhere in the country. Depending on your level of urgency and your needs we deliver documents on the same or the following day.

Paralegals & Outdoor Clerking Service Gio Legal provides outsourced paralegals and outdoor clerks for temporary specific assignments and permanent legal staff recruitment for law firms and companies. This service is useful for firms of all sizes (from high street to city firms) and all legal staff.

Legalization Gio Legal provides legalisation of official documents. Legalisation is an official process of confirming a signature, seal or stamp on a specific document is genuine so it will be recognised when presented.

Replacement of Documents and Certificates Gio Legal obtains replacement of birth/death certificates and marriage certificate copies and supplies the necessary documents required for inter alia, immigration and identification purposes.

Visas Service Gio Legal helps obtain a visa to another country. This service involves queuing outside the diplomatic post, waiting to submit the application and then waiting for a final decision. We also work closely with associate organisations to provide a complete service package from actually advising and applying to submission and return of your visa.

Translation Services We provide translation from/into 120 languages, interpretation, sign language and proof reading. Our interpreters are qualified, have internationally recognised qualifications in relevant languages and are regularly monitored.

Police Clearance Certificates We can obtain the UK equivalent of ‘Police Clearance Certificates’ or ‘Certificates of Good Conduct’ for your clients. We lodge requests on your behalf at various police authorities. It can take up to 40 days (plus an additional week for postage) to get the written documentation of your client’s information held by the police.

Commissioner Services. Gio Legal provides you with the swearing of selected Oaths by our Commissioners. Our commissioner services include:

  • conducting of oaths
  • attestation of affidavits (a sworn statement of fact)
  • authentication of documents
  • verification of a person's identity
  • certification of beforehand verified information, e.g. the status of a company or that a copy of a document is true.