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Make an application quickly. Save time and money.

How it's done

We queue outside the respective embassy, we queue inside to submit the application, we return it to you.

Apply now

Do it online, do it via phone, do it in person.

Visas to other countries

Getting a UK visa can be carried out through Gio Legal Services by clicking here.

Obtaining a visa to another country involves queuing outside the diplomatic post (or embassy) of the country for which a visa is required. This is followed by more waiting to submit the application and then waiting for a final decision.

We save your client, your organisation and you endless time waiting, and thus help you avoiding the cost of paying the wages for your employee, who can stay and work in the office instead. We also provide information to make decisions for you client, your organisation or your staff.

Where the visa application needs to be submitted in person, for an additional small fee of £172.50, we prepare the visa application. We can also accompany the person concerned, in their absence or together, and hold a place in the queue for them to arrive in time to submit in person. This cuts the applicant's waiting time.