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Why use our document services?

Our staff have been applying and lodging applications listed in our services pages, on behalf of individuals and companies, at the relevant authorities since 2002. Between us, we have more than 21 years experience and most of our client base come from recommendations.

Processing any application usually involves time queuing outside the relevant authorities. Once inside, a further period of queuing is required to be seen. Thereafter, once the application has been submitted, a further waiting time to obtain a decision is required. A majority of various different applications are not processed on the same day so you are then required to collect the documents and application at a later date. We are able to save you time and the obligations of having to deal directly with the relevant authorities. This leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best.

A number of embassies and authorities accept postal applications but usually with no ways of tracking its progress. We update you of the progress of your application and inform you at the earliest possible time of any issues that arise during the processing of your application.

We collect your documents or you can arrange to drop them to us or post us your applications. Our fees are competitive and we save you, your organisation and your client time and money by ensuring applications submitted through us are thoroughly checked.

The most common reason that applications for visas and other document submissions are refused, or required to be re-submitted, is usually due to incorrect or missing documentation. Our services include the checking of documentation prior to submission of your applications. If additional documents are required we inform you immediately.