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An End Line Saving

Our service fees exclude third party fees, such as Home Office, Embassies or other court fees. We strive to keep our fees competitive. Our prices provide a bottom line saving on your costs. If, for example, you used one of your secretaries or other support staff to submit a Home Office application, you will spend 105.50 GBP on average.(source:

Our services represent excellent value for money and can enable faster turnaround of your firm's requirements within a specific time frame, for a fixed cost, without compromising the quality of the work produced. Our prices include:

  • A knowledge base detailing specific requirements for all work carried out through us.
  • Provision of information online in conjunction with an online ordering and tracking service available 24/7.
  • Checking all documentation is accurate upon receipt. If not, you will be contacted by phone to discuss any issues. This ensures that work carried out through us is accurate and avoids any potential complications.
  • Lodging applications and payment of all fees on your behalf which means that you do not have the expense of travelling and payment is made on your behalf.
  • A seamless service from collection of instructions and documents from you to return of instructions.

Our discount policy

Where you plan to make a number of applications through us, we offer discounted rates through our account services. There is a saving on whichever account service you use and a bigger discount on our pay monthly service. Please ask our sales staff concerning possible discounts. Apply now.