If you are a national from one of the following countries, you do NOT require a Schengen Visa to go to France, PROVIDING your visit does not exceed 3 months.

Andorra El Salvador Nicaragua
Argentina Ecuador Panama
Australia Guatemala Paraguay
Bolivia Honduras San Marino
Brazil Israel Singapore
Brunei Japan South Korea
Canada Malaysia United States of America
Chile Mexico Uruguay
Costa Rica Monaco Vatican
Croatia New Zealand Venezuela

You may also be asked to provide proof of your return flight, hotel booking and evidence of finances to support you throughout your stay.

For all other nationalities you will require a Schengen Visa to go to France.

Gio Legal Services can lodge this visa on your behalf if you are from the following countries. If you are a national from a country that requires a visa but is NOT in the list below, you will need to attend in person and therefore GLS cannot provide a service for you.

Albania Ecuador Malawi Tomé and Príncipe
Angola Eritrea Maldives Senegal
Antigua Ethiopia Mali Serbia
Armenia Fiji Marshall Islands Seychelles
Azerbaijan Gabon Morocco Sierra Leone
Bahamas Gambia Mauritius South Africa
Barbados Georgia Mauritania Sri Lanka
Belize Ghana Micronesia Swaziland
Benin Grenada Moldova Tajikstan
Bhutan Equatorial Guinea Mongolia Taiwan
Bolivia Bissau Montenegro Tanzania
Botswana Guyana Mozambique Thailand
Burkina Faso Haiti Namibia Timor (East Timor)
Cambodia India Nauru Togo
Cameroon Ivory Coast Nepal Tonga
Cape Verde Jamaica Papua New Guinea Trinidad & Tobago
Central African Republic (CAR) Kazakhstan Palau Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (TTPI)
Chad Kenya Papua Tunisia
China Kribati Peru Turkmenistan
Comoros Kyrgyzstan Russia Turkey
Congo Loas Saint Kitts & Nevis Ukraine
Cuba Lesotho Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Uganda
Djibouti Liberia Saint Lucia Uzbekistan
Dominica (Commonwealth of) Macedonia Solomon Islands Vanautu
Dominican Republic Madagascar Samoa Zambia

All foreigners wishing to travel to France must be in possession of valid medical travel insurance.

Please note: requests for a French Schengen Visa should be made a few weeks before the date you intend to travel, as it may take this long to get an appointment at the French Embassy.

Embassy Information:

21 Cromwell Road
020 7073 1200

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9.00-11.00