General Visa Requirements

Below you will find general visa requirements for your clients when using any of our passport, UK residency visa and third country visa services. These general requirements may slightly differ from actual embassy and other authorities’ requirements. They are therefore not specific requirements for each type of application. If any of your clients do not meet these general requirements, please contact us at Gio Legal.

Conversely, if your client meets the requirements below, it means they will generally meet the minimum passport requirements for successful visa applications at the various authorities listed on this site. It does not mean that the application will be automatically granted as further supporting documents will usually be required.

UK Passport Requirements for visas to other countries

Generally, your client’s passport must be valid for six months or more after their expected journey, if travelling to another country. It cannot be damaged and any alterations/extensions must be endorsed by the relevant authorities. The passport must have a minimum of two blank facing pages for visa vignettes/stamps. It must also be signed, validated and confirmed by the issuing authority. If the issuing authority is not in the UK, a letter from the UK post will be required certifying it as valid. Please contact us if your passport does not meet these criteria.

Visas to other countries when your client does not have a UK Passport

If your client does not have a UK Passport, their current UK visa must be:

- A valid UK residency visa (such as: inter alia, indefinite leave, work permits, spousal visas, student visas) endorsed in their current passport. Home Office Border Agency letters will NOT be accepted as proof of visas
- Have a total validity of more than six months to be considered a residence permit
- Valid for at least 3 months beyond the return date from your client’s trip

Please Note:
Visit, transit and business visitor visas are not considered as a resident permit for visa purposes. If your client has a UK visa in a previous passport, please contact our office to check if the endorsement needs to be transferred to their new passport.

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