Passport Submission FAQs

In which cases do we need to use the Passport Submission services?

You can use Passport Submission services if your client’s passport was stolen, lost or damaged.

What benefits will we get using services provided by Gio Legal?

The service can save you taking time off work, travel costs and endless queuing time to submit your application. If you intend to use the same-day service, it will save you from waiting a whole day at the passport office. If you intend to use the one week fast-track service, then you will save the burden of having to go on two different days; once to submit the application and then again to collect it later on in the week.

What documents do I need to make an application?

For more information on the types of documents required please go to passport guidelines page.

Do you check the documents before submission?

Before we submit your application, our industry experienced advisors will check it in order to make sure that all the relevant information is included.

How long does it take to obtain a replacement/renewal passport?

At Gio Legal Services, we can lodge your application for renewal/replacement of your passport at a UK IPS Passport Office on either the same day or during the same week, depending on the level of service you require and the urgency of your situation.

What are the costs of Passport Submission services provided by Gio Legal?

Our fees can be found on our leaflet or by completing our service order request online.