Biometric same-day visa service details

On occasions, we are unable to submit applications through the Representative’s service either because the PEO representative’s service does not handle all types of applications or with the implementation of the Tier application under the Points Based Scheme (PBS ), they are unable to handle the numbers.

As a result we have been providing our biometric attendance service to our client firms.

With our Biometric attendance service, we can attend the PEO with your client as an outdoor clerk. Our Clerks are experienced immigration caseworkers and provide assistance to your clients. As well as the above features of our standard Representative’s service. In addition we:

You can order this service online and you will be able to track the progress of your application. It will show every stage of the same-day service process, thus keeping you up-to-date at all times from wherever you are.

We pride ourselves on having a tailor-made service that is suited to your needs and are always willing to accommodate your needs. Contact us, or log in above, for a quote on our Fast-track same-day immigration application submission services.