Social features of *LexNet. How to use our Network.

*LexNet allows you to communicate with each other via the "Network” pages. This service helps users to find professional contacts which might be useful for your career. It is also useful to find other associates, like you, who have some form of interest in law, legal procedure, courts etc, It also allows individuals that are looking for professional advice and therefore allows you to interact with potential clients directly.

How to use the "Network”.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your e-mail and password in the log in boxes and click "Login”

  3. Click

  4. Click

  5. The "Network service has the following interface:

  6. The top part of the "Network” interface has information about users in your contact list such as:

    1. First name, Second name (if entered by the user), Family name
    2. Date Of Birth (if entered by user)
    3. Date of the last login on *LexNet
    4. Users’ status: "online” or "offline”

  7. The middle part of the "Network” interface has the links that go to the following pages:

    1. "People in my network” is a default page of "Network” service, interface is displayed on step 5 above
    2. "Requests” page displays all requests of users who have tried to add you as a contact, this page has the following interface:

    1. To see information about user who wants to add you as an associate, click the name of the user
    2. To accept the user’s request click
    3. To reject the user’s request click

    1. "Online now” page displays list of users who are online now, this page has the following interface:

      To see personal details about online users click the name of user who you are interested in.

    2. The "People you have invited” page displays a list of users which you have invited but they haven’t accepted your request yet. This page has the following interface:

    1. Names of users invited by you are displayed in column "A".
    2. The dates of the last login of each user are displayed in column "B".
    3. Column "C" displays the status of your request.

  8. There is the search line (marked with IX in 5 above) at the bottom of the page. Enter the name of the person which you are looking for and click . The website will give you a list of names matched with the entered values. Click to invite user to your Network. See the result of your invitation on the "People you have invited” page.