Representatives Account Options

In order to make your applications easier and more convenient, you can apply for an account for the Home Office Submission Service instead of submitting each application separately. Such accounts will provide you with cost certainty and savings, of which our "Pay Monthly Service" provides the biggest savings on a like for like comparison. Both services include the service of delivery and pick-up of applications.

All our account options are subject to our account terms and conditions as well as the general terms and conditions of business. There are at present two types of account options. All accounts are on a pre-pay basis.

Standard Account Service

By choosing this option, you will not be tied to a contract. You can take up this service at the beginning of any month. If, for example. you go for the "Platinum Service", you will be able to submit as many applications up to 14 within any one-month period.

Pay Monthly Service

By choosing this option, you will enter into a twelve month contract. Over the duration of this contract, you will be able to submit even more applicationsh comnpared to the standard service. If, for example, you go for the "Platinum+ Service", you can submit up to 21 applications every month. That is seven more than the standard variant, so that you can save up to £218. Payment is due in advance on the first day of each month.

As with the account service above, you will be entitled to further discounts on bulk daily applications on a cumulative basis.


 PLATINUM	£1,000
 GOLD		£500