The Tier immigration system

In February 2008, the UK Border Agency launched a new immigration system to ensure that only those with the right skills or the right contribution will be able to come to the United Kingdom to work and study. The Tier-system is subdivided into five levels and based on the awarding of points.

These points are awarded on the workers' skills to reflect aptitude, experience, age and also the demand for those skills in any given sector, to allow the United Kingdom to respond flexibly to changes in the labour market.

There are currently five tiers in the system: These tiers then again have different conditions, entitlements and entry-clearance checks, alongside with different categories.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 4

Tier 5

All applicants in Tier 2 to 5 also have to submit a certificate of sponsorship from a sponsor which is licensed by the UK Border Agency. In this case, sponsor means an employer or institution which supports the migrant and gives proof of the applicant's abilities.

Please note that until now it is only possible to make applications in person/as representative at the Public Enquiry Offices in the following categories: