How to upload a page on

Note!To add new page on site you must be registered with , logged in and have permission to add new pages.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your e-mail and password in the log in boxes and click “Login”

  3. Click

  4. Click

  5. Enter Page Title, this title will be displayed on site as the breadcrumb and the page title.

  6. Chose parent page in which the new one will be displayed as a sub page.

  7. The ‘Control’ choice defines who will see the page that you are about to upload.

    1. Public – Everyone who visits this website will be able to see the page you are about to upload.
    2. Member – Only people that are registered with this website.
    3. Administrator - As well as b above, those with Staff (Administrator) privileges can see these pages
    4. Chief Administrator - Those with Website wide (Website Administrators can control who has what types of privileges) Administrator privileges can see this page.
    5. Web Constructor – Those that have unrestricted total control of the website structure etc.

  8. ‘In Menu’ decides whether the page is visible in the left hand navigation menu

  9. ‘In Home and Front Page’ defines whether the page will be in the top Global Links and whether it appears in the index page (Home Page).

  10. Add *.html file containing html code of new page.

  • Click

  • System gives you note that your page was successfully added or not.