We wrote to subscribers and clients of Gio Legal on the 25th May 2009 to inform them of the changes in booking PEO fast track appointments at the UK Border Agency using their Premium 3rd Party service. This follows the original changes that were put into place in April 2009. Details of that previous system can be found by viewing their letter of the 27

th April.


Due to the overwhelming demand of the system and the short supply of the appointments, the Representative’s Croydon Public Enquiry Office has decided to change the booking system. They stated that it was due to the fact that they obtained around 400 requests every Monday morning and staff had to troll through these emails. This caused a number of staff to be tied up with appointments rather than on carrying out casework.


Further to these changes implemented to the booking of same day fast track Representative’s Service, we are going to trial their new system by requesting any and all our client’s required Fast track appointments for all applications that may be needed throughout the month.

We offer this booking service as part of our fast track submission service. As of last year, you have been able to book this submission service through our service order request pages on our website. Our request form is currently undergoing improvements and we will keep you informed of the launch once the upgrades have been concluded. In the meantime, you can still order all your applications for the representative’s service here (for the whole month of June).
The details of the new booking system can be found here. If you have any queries on our Reps Appointment service and how the PEO’s new booking system will effect your fast track appointments or any of our other services on our website, please contact us via email or via phone on 0845 126 1346