We provide specialist legal support that provides People and Document services to law firms and human resources professionals. Our services include; Rep's same-day UK Visas, Passport submission service, Legal Document Courier, Paralegals & Outdoor Clerking Service, Legalization, Replacement of Documents and Certificates, Visas Service, Translation Services, Police Clearance Certificates, Commissioner Services. Our full range of services can be found here with a breakdown here.

We are at present specialising in the immigration law areas but our plan is to continue the roll out of our services to the legal and professional community in general. It will mean that our clients, users and interested parties will benefit from a wider range of services and a wider exposure.

Through our website and the development of a professional network, *LexNet, people will also be able to find lawyers and other professionals to instruct to act on their behalf.

Currently, there are a number of resources, such as up to date news on various subjects, an RSS feed, immigration application forms and other useful information. Moreover, visitors to our website can register, apply for paralegal and outdoor clerking jobs and manage various, but limited amounts of, account and networking resources.

There is also a blog for the company that includes a website wish list, where users, visitors, clients and any interested parties can go to request functions. And for programmers and website designers; we are actively encouraging people to help design and build a de facto website application that will eventually serve the legal community and then other organisations thereafter.

To get involved, request a service or join the legal community on what promises to be an interesting experiment, visit our website or blog.