Yoonhwa brings a wealth of information and experience to strengthen our operations. She will now be occupying the role of Group IT Developer. She is responsible for the oversight of internal and external IT operations for Gio Legal Services and group companies.

In her acceptance speech, Yoonhwa was keen to express her wish to help streamline the operations of the Group and overhaul our current IT requirements. She stated "We will be going through a rapid development phase that will mean that both our internal and IT operations, will be re-assessed and improved for the benefit of our clients and staff alike. My aim will be to try to limit the amount of user input needed from staff at Gio Legal Services and allied organisations."

In revealing further operational plans, she confirmed that phase one and phase two of Gio Legal's website development have now been completed. Phase three is now almost also completed and Phase four and five have already begun. The results of which have been very positive to date from various lawyers that use the site.

Miss Park has been working closely with management to provide a draft working paper that is in the process of being completed, which outlines the completion of the Gio Legal and group companies' sites. The overall plan provides a preview to an online presence that will have more than a million users by December 2009. At the heart of these plans include the pivotal roles of lawyers, Paralegals, and outdoor clerks. The site will incorporate *LexNet™ which will be a fully interactive business portal for Lawyers.

We look forward to providing a very productive and rewarding service to the legal community with the help of Yoonhwa Park. All of us at Gio Legal would like to extend our warmest welcome to Yoonhwa.