It means that if your clients or you are an employer or educational institution and you plan to get migrants to work for you or to study in the UK under the new points based system under tiers two, four and five, you must apply for a sponsor licence. You can continue to employ or teach migrants until November 2008, when the above tiers take effect.

Tiers 2 and 5 are expected to open in November 2008. Tier 4 is expected to open in spring 2009. You can make your application now as the duration of the licence starts when the relevant tier opens and not when the licence is approved. Summary details of Tier 2 can be found here and Tier 5 can also be found here

It is therefore advisable that you therefore register and apply for a licence now. The penalties for employing or teaching without a license could vary from a fine to two years imprisonment or both

We can provide further information and assistance in the process and provide resources on how you can meet the requirements of being a sponsor as well as the timetable of the points based schemes. Visit our contact us pages.